Saturday, June 25, 2011

San Remo, Italy: Drilling the Poggio

At 298 kilometers, Milan - San Remo is the longest professional one-day bicycle race. Apart from its length, there is nothing particularly notable about Milan - San Remo; its a fairly flat course that typically favors sprinters. 

There is one climb, however, at kilometer 287. Its called The Poggio. Its not very steep (~5%) and its not very long (3.8km) but given just how tired the cyclists are at this point, Il Poggio often determines the final selection. 

On Thursday, June 16th, I rode the coastal road from Nice to San Remo to experience Il Poggio for myself. So, for the die-hard cyclists out there, here is the Poggio in all its splendor. (NB: I have deliberately slowed down the footage so that you can see every twist, turn, pitch-change and switchback in fine HD detail). 

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  1. Wow... this looks fun and familiar!!