Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plugging in to Europe

I haven't been travelling for more than 10 days in quite a few years. In the past, I would typically bring a mp3 player with me. I was more than happy to walk away from my computer and all the other devices that keep us too connected.

But this trip is different. Firstly, I am travelling for three and half months, and secondly, I want to record my adventures and share the photos/videos/data with my friends. Although a bicycle is purely mechanical (basic frame geometry, pull-wire brakes, hub/spoke wheels, and shifting concepts hav not changed in 100+ years), this is a list of all the essential electronics I am taking to digitize my adventures:

Apple MacBook
Apple Airport
Kodak P+S camera
Contour HD helmet cam
Iomega 1T external hard drive

Garmin bike computer
Garmin heart rate monitor
Sensa mp3 player
HTC Android smart phone

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