Monday, December 19, 2011

The Importance of Good Hair

It was all about the hair. No doubt. In the old days, sponsors wanted their cyclists to look good, on and off the bike. 

Louis Bobet

Hugo Koblet, below, was known for carrying a comb in his jersey pocket. Just prior to the finish line, he would comb his hair to look good for the girls and the cameras.

Its not quite the same these days. Many professional cyclists have terrible hair. Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner are two good examples (see photos as bottom). Lucky for them, helmets are compulsory so they can look good (but only most of the time).

Hugo Koblet always raced with a comb.
Eddy Merckx
Raphael Geminiani

Alfredo Binda

Antonin Magne

Fausto Coppi

Fausto Coppi off the bike

Federico Bahamontes

Felice Gimondi

Ferdi Kubler

Jacque Anquetil

Learco Guerra

Francesco Moser

Rene Vieto

Vito Favero
Miguel Indurain
Levi Leipheimer

Chris Horner


  1. it is Saronni , not Moser !!!

  2. Yes, indeed, could be the Italian Guiseppe Saronni, great guy, back in the 80s.