Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Race Calendar: 2013 Summer Season

These are the five races on my race calendar for the 2013 summer season:

  • SRAM Tour de Ranges, 110km, January 19
  • Around Mt Taranaki, 150km, January 26
  • The Rev, 142km, February 23
  • Tour of Northland, 4 stages, 340km, March 14-17
  • Taupo to Rotorua, 100km, April 6

In addition to the races above, several Auckland clubs host regular weekend races. Unfortunately, there are not as many road races near Auckland as I hoped. I would need to travel to Wellington or the South Island to add more races. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strava KOM Targets: Summer 2013

The following Strava segments are my targets for this summer (including current ranking and time):

  • Wright Road: 5th place (of 129); 7.39 mins
  • Sunnyside Climb: 9th place (of 152); 5.07 mins
  • Albany Hill: 16th place (of 219); 6.39 mins
  • Helensville Climb: 29th (of 175); 12.39 mins
  • Scenic Drive: 50th place (of 198); 31.24 mins

I am also adding a Tamaki Drive time-trial from Mechanics Bay to Mission Bay. I ride the 4.7km at threshold, soft-pedal for 10 minutes, and then ride the return leg to Mechanics Bay, again at threshold. The course is 9.4km in total and I use this as my performance indicator. I rode the TT in June as I thought it would be useful to measure my off-season baseline. I completed the two legs in 14mins and 7secs, averaged 40.0kph, and averaged a heart rate of 180bpm. Strava calculated my average power at 296 watts. Now that we are approaching the racing season, I'll likely ride the TT monthly.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Strava Multiple Ride Mapper

I found a Strava app that displays multiple rides on one map. It can be found here. Below are some screen-shots of my rides in France, Spain, Italy, Buenos Aires and northwest Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Turkey, Auckland, and Boston.