Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Colombian Wedding and Cycling

My friend, Camila, invited me to a Colombian wedding. Her high-school friend, Paula, married Alejandro in Medellin last night. I wouldn't normally post about weddings, but a fairly serious Trek Madone and Pinarello riding cyclist was sitting at our table. We spent at least 15 minutes discussing routes, hardware, and VAM, so I guess the wedding now qualifies for my blog.

The wedding started like most others. The ceremony was held in a small church conveniently located next to my apartment building. Everything was in Spanish so I couldn't understand very much, but I think they said something about "I do." The reception was in an all-white room: the walls, lights, tables, and chairs were all white. Dinner was served and then the dancing began. The salsa band played until 4am.

It was a typical Latin wedding except for one thing: the bride's father made a speech. Normally, there are no speeches. As usual, costumes were handed out at 2am. 

Another crazy night in Medellin.

Colombian line-dancing.

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