Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quebrada de Las Conchas, Argentina

This is a video of my MTB ride with Matias, Gonzalo, and Javier from Cafayate to Cabra Corral. The ride took us through 80km of Quebrada de Las Conchas. 

If you saw the photos in my post here, you'll love the video. Most of the footage was shot just prior to sunset, so the picture is a little darker than usual. We rode until after dark, around 8.15pm.

The soundtrack is a little unclear, but I think the singer is saying something about Tony Danza.

And, here is an image of the Ruta del Vino we completed last week:

And, the Garmin file from Quebrada de Las Conchas:

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  1. This brings back great memories. When I lived in Argentina I went to La Garganta del Diablo several times. Cafayate and La Quebrad are beautiful! So jealous...