Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 5 Pyrenees & Euskadi: San Sebastian

San Sebastian: culinary capital of the world. And not too shabby for a ride either. Today was an easy day. Dave and I rode a tiki-tour in and around the city of San Sebastian. We started in the hills just to the east of San Sebastian overlooking the coastline, before chowing down a superb 3-course lunch (I ordered gazpacho, duck and crema Catalana). Then we headed back to the Old City, the beach, and the nearby hills. San Sebastian is a beautiful city with excellent food (try the pintxos). I highly recommend visiting. Tomorrow, we'll be back in the big ring.


  1. Easy day is a relative term. At one point we rode uphill for 6-miles to a mountain summit.

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  3. Excellent! It doesn't get much better than pintxos in San Sebastian. The Jaizkibel climb was much easier than I thought it would be based on cycling folklore. Did you have the same impression. Amazing beautiful area. Thanks for documenting!