Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Forgotten World Highway: Day 1

FWH has been on my bucket list for 4 years. I first read about FWH in Cycling Tips in 2012. Finally, I had the chance to ride it this past Queen's Birthday Weekend with Camila. 

We chose to break the ride into two days. Day 1 was a 90km ride from Taumaranui to Wangamomona. Day 2 was an easier 60km ride to Stratford at the foot of Mt Taranaki. Traveling west gave us the benefit of a slight tail wind, and a night in New Plymouth. 

Camila and I left Takapuna early on Saturday morning. By the time we arrived at the start and I got kitted up, it was almost 12pm. Temperatures were in the mid-single digits. I don't think I could've counted more than 20 cars or houses in over 3 hours of riding.

You can read my FWH day-2 ride report by clicking here.

Photographer and team car driver: Camila Guarnizo.

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