Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2013-2014 Season Review

Its now early May and my 2013-2014 season has drawn to a close. Although I had a great summer of riding, I wasn't able to race as much as I wanted to.

My racing season was split into two time periods: 3 races in November of 2013, and then a series of club races and the Auckland champs in March and April of 2014.

The first two races in November didn't quite go as planned. K1's start split the group as we merged with another field who started earlier than us. And the following week, I got severe cramps early in Bike the Bridge. The month ended with a strong result (12th overall) at the Northland Club Champs. 

I didn't race again until late February when Counties-Manukau began their 2014 season. CM races almost every weekend over ~80km courses. Its not a bad way to prepare for upcoming events.

I've had a busy year at work, so I have only averaged 7 hours per week this year. I was averaging 12-14 hours per week over the 2012-2013 season.

My Power2Max power meter was a helpful addition. I wish I had more time to learn how to use the data properly, and more time to train with it. Its easy to look at training data retrospectively and see the performance gains. But the real skill is knowing how to interpret the data to design new training plans. 

I would caution anyone considering a Power2Max power meter. I've had several rides recently where the data was clearly wrong. I somehow put down peak power of 43,000 watts on one ride, and that one outlier distorts all historical data, including critical power curves, averages, TSS, etc. To have the device fixed involves taking it off my bike, sending it to the distributor in Christchurch, who then sends it to Germany for at least 6 weeks. Not an easy solution for a device that is only 6 months old and cost $1400.

My goals for 2014:

First, its time to buy an indoor trainer. I have resisted for several years, but I think its time. Auckland winters are too crappy to rely on. Days, if not an entire week, can go by sometimes without a clear day. Plus, I'll be able to work on strength training.

Second, I want to learn more about training with power and incorporating the data into new training plans. 

Third is K2. I've planned on racing K2 for several years, but abandoned my goal either due to bad weather or being overseas.

And fourth, I plan to race over the winter at Counties-Manukau. These fortnightly club races should be a good opportunity to prepare for next season's races that start around November (including K2).

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  1. Good analysis. Yikes on the power meter fix! I do a lot of my training indoors on a trainer (weekdays at lunchtime), then I get outside for 3-4 rides each week. No doubt about it, work gets in the way.