Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FTP Test

I rode a functional threshold power test last week. I was quite surprised with my result: I averaged 261 watts over the 20 minute test. Not bad given where I am at - 6 months without any speed-work and just several weeks into base training. 

The FTP sets my benchmark for training over the next few months. I'll be trying to improve my baseline with interval training, fast group rides, and hill work. 

The chart above shows my maximum average power outputs over given periods of time. The x-axis is time and the y-axis is power. My highest average power over a 5 second period is ~550 watts. Over a 3 hour period, my average power is ~150 watts. This data is based on the 5 or so rides I have completed since I installed the power meter. 

The black line represents my FTP ride last week. Looking at the 20 minute interval, my average power settled at 261 watts. 

What surprised me is that my best 3 minute interval is ~300 watts which is <20% better than my 20 minute interval, even though the interval period is almost 7x longer. The black line is almost flat from 3 minutes to 20 minutes.

The power distribution chart is below. There are two peaks. The peak towards the left represents my warm-up and warm-down. The peak towards the right represents the portion of the ride I was doing the FTP test. So basically, I was either warming-up, warming-down, or in the 20-minute time-trial pushing as many watts as possible. 

Once I have some time, I'll figure out what the rest of the charts actually mean and how I use them.

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