Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Auckland's Best Chinese Bakeries

I have been surveying local Chinese Bakeries recently. Typically, we'll stop-in at the end of a training ride. The sugars go down easy. 

Auckland's North Shore has several Chinese Bakeries. (For some reason, I couldn't find any when we lived in the city). I have visited these establishments enough times to know which bakery consistently has the best cream donuts and chocolate roughs. 

East Coast Bakery & Lunches (on East Coast Road in Pine Hill/Browns Bay)
The best cream donuts are found here at Pine Hill. They are always fresh and delicious. I would rate their other items as average. I would also say that Pine Hill has friendly and courteous staff; something often missing at the other bakeries below. 

Crusty's Bakery (Takapuna)
I always come here for the chocolate rough. Damn good every time. 

Shakespeare Road Bakery (Milford) 
This bakery has the largest selection to choose from, but the quality is average.

Golden Bake House (Torbay)
I have only visited this place once. Good service, wide selection, and very clean. I tried the cookies and cream, which was ok. I'll have to try something else next time.

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