Tuesday, May 7, 2013


RaceShape.com is a cool new website that analyses Strava KOM segments to produce a chart of rolling time gaps. The time gap shows where you gained and lost time relative to the KOM holder. The chart below is the Sunnyside Road KOM segment just outside Albany. 

Green is the elevation profile. The horizontal pink line is me, and the blue line is the KOM holder. The difference between the blue and pink lines represents the time difference (measured in seconds on the 2nd y-axis) between us over the distance. 

Overall, I finished 18 seconds behind the KOM holder. I lost approximately 20 seconds on the first 500 meters, but clawed back some time on the flatter sections. This chart was created in February, when I had the 11th best time on Sunnyside (of 4mins and 59 secs). Later that month, I finished Sunnyside in 4th place with a time of 4mins and 45seconds.  

The chart below is a 5km section of Beach Road on the North Shore.

I finished 50 seconds behind the KOM leader, but almost all of that time was lost on the second climb. I was still warming-up on the second climb, and didn't really get into the ride until the 3rd climb.

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