Sunday, March 3, 2013

Race Report: Pokeno 70km 2013

My luck ran out today. I crashed out of a 70km race while negotiating a tight right hand corner in pouring rain. Now I am at home nursing 8 stitches in my right elbow, road rash on both hips, and grazing on my chest and left elbow, as well as my right knee and shin.

The race was going quite well for me. I was in the leading group of 40 or so until km-10. Several pros opened up a 10 second gap leading into a 3km 7% climb. The field splintered but I was able to hang on to a 12-man group that trailed the pro group by ~20 seconds. 

From km-17 to km-30 we worked well together. However, rain started to bucket down. As we approached a right-hand turn at km-31, we all slowed for the wet conditions. I was probably going at 15-20kph when my front wheel slipped out from underneath.

I hit the deck hard on my right side. As I picked myself up off the road, I could see blood running down my arms and legs. Race over. And hopefully no serious injuries. 

Two medics treated me in an ambulance and I got a ride with a marshall back to the start/finish area. We spent a couple of hours at a clinic this afternoon getting stitched up and prescriptions.

I think I must have hit an oil patch on the road. Auckland hasn't seen rain in over 3 weeks, so all the oil and grease has been building up on the roads. 

I'll be resting for the next few days, but I hope to be back shortly. I have Tour of Northland starting in 10 days and I want to do well. 

My bike is ok, although my kit is ripped up and the buckle on my right shoe is missing. Oh well, at least I am ok and my injuries are superficial and temporary.

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  1. What a bummer, but glad to hear you are relatively okay and live to fight another day.