Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Produces the Most PROs?

As you might expect, Italy supplies the most professional cyclists to the UCI's WorldTour this year; 66 to be exact. France, Belgium, and The Netherlands follow closely with 54, 53, and 51, WorldTour cyclists, respectively. But Italy and France also have relatively large populations. And Belgium and The Netherlands aren't too small either. So, which country produces the most PROs on a per capita basis?

Above is a chart based on UCI and Wikipedia data showing that Luxembourg produces the most PROs by quite a stretch once we look at the data on a per capita basis. Luxembourg's tiny population of just 500,000 sent 5 PROs to the WorldTour this year (10 PROs per million).  

I was surprised to see New Zealand ranked so high (6th place) with 1.8 PROs per million. NZ's 7 PROs are Hayden Roulston, George Bennett, and Jesse Sergent (Radioshack Leopard), Greg Henderson (Lotto Belisol), Julian Dean and Sam Bewley (Orica Greenedge), and Jack Bauer (Garmin Sharp).

Although the US sent 23 PROs to the WorldTour and three WorldTour teams are US-teams (Garmin Sharp, Radioshack Leopard, and BMC), the US is not a big producer of PROs on a per capita basis (0.1 PROs per million). 

Finally, below is a chart of WorldTour PROs by Country.

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