Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strava KOM Targets: Summer 2013

The following Strava segments are my targets for this summer (including current ranking and time):

  • Wright Road: 5th place (of 129); 7.39 mins
  • Sunnyside Climb: 9th place (of 152); 5.07 mins
  • Albany Hill: 16th place (of 219); 6.39 mins
  • Helensville Climb: 29th (of 175); 12.39 mins
  • Scenic Drive: 50th place (of 198); 31.24 mins

I am also adding a Tamaki Drive time-trial from Mechanics Bay to Mission Bay. I ride the 4.7km at threshold, soft-pedal for 10 minutes, and then ride the return leg to Mechanics Bay, again at threshold. The course is 9.4km in total and I use this as my performance indicator. I rode the TT in June as I thought it would be useful to measure my off-season baseline. I completed the two legs in 14mins and 7secs, averaged 40.0kph, and averaged a heart rate of 180bpm. Strava calculated my average power at 296 watts. Now that we are approaching the racing season, I'll likely ride the TT monthly.

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