Monday, June 4, 2012

Rotorua - Whakatane - Mt. Manganui

Just back from 3 days of cycling. Camila and I took a trip over Queen's Birthday weekend (a 3-day weekend in NZ) to the central North Island and the Bay of Plenty. We went with my old high-school friend, Evan Seber, and his girlfriend, Emma. 

Evan is a former NZ high-schools Triathlon champion from the late-80s. Like me, he is trying to regain his fitness. Evan and I did a lot of cycling, while the girls shopped and sipped cappuccinos.

The weekend was as follows:

Saturday: Drive to Rotorua, and 2 hour ride around Lake Rotorua (50km)
Sunday: Ride from Rotorua to Whakatane (85km)
Monday: Ride from Whakatane to Mt. Manganui (86km)

The distances were far from epic, but good riding for the off-season nevertheless.

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