Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mas Fotos Retro

I found another stack of old photos this week, all cycling and triathlon related. 

Left to right: Raymond Webb (now based in San Diego) in his prime, Willy Patterson, and Craig Duffy. Auckland, January 1992. NB: Oakley Razors.

With Jeremy Busch (now a PE guy in Toronto). Auckland, circa September 1991.

The Shore Challenge Triathlon (olympic-distance). Auckland, February 1991.

Training in a Hong Kong department store. December 1997.

Undisclosed location in northern Israel. Summer 1992. NB: Oakley Razors. Photo by Amit Kedem of שייטת 13.

The versatile Oakley Iridium Razors on Mt Cook. December 1994.

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