Monday, February 27, 2012

Cycling Routes, Apres-Velo Activities, and Documentaries for Cyclists Visiting Medellin

I spent the last 5 months riding in Medellin, Antioquia, and Colombia. Here are the best routes all in one place, along with other information for enjoying Medellin. Email me if you have questions. (Click on the rides below for the Garmin data).

Epic Rides

Colombia's Three "Most Mythical Climbs"

Climbs to Leave Medellin

The Hardest Ride:
  • Vuelta de Leche: 72 power-climbs. If you ride with a group of Colombians, you won't be walking the next day. 

Other Great Rides

Important Information:
  • Expect rain. Always carry a vest or rain cape. 
  • Don't rely on your Garmin for its maps and/or routing. Several roads on the South America maps don't actually exist. And, the routing function can take you through Medellin's worst barrios
  • Watch out for buses. Medellin's bus drivers are careless and dangerous
  • Don't read the local newspapers
  • Be very careful descending. You never know what is, or what isn't, around the corner

Best of Medellin
  • Best steak: La Doctora in Sabaneta
  • Best babyback ribs: Mundos in Llanogrande
  • Best burger: Chef Burger in El Poblado near Calle 10
  • Best cerveza: Club Colombia Blanca
  • Best rum: Ron Medellin 3 Anos
  • Best coffee: Espresso Cortado at Juan Valdez
  • Best bike shops: BikeHouse and EuroBike in Poblado
  • Best nightlife: Parque Lleras, Rio Sur, La Strada, and Barrio Colombia
  • Best month to be in Medellin for non-cycling activities: December
  • Best 'typical' discoteca: Dulce Jesus Mio (My Sweet Jesus) in Palmas
  • Best icecream: McFlurry at McDonalds
  • Best lunch: La Casa in Sao Paulo
  • Best fruit bar: Carulla supermarket in Oviedo
  • Best malls: Oviedo, Santa Fe, and El Tesoro
  • Worst bank: Citibank. Horrible. 

Documentaries on Colombia and Medellin:

Email me if you have questions.


  1. You should try buying the garmin maps from, they are updated and authorized by garmin.

  2. Hey Duncan,

    I'm staying in Medellin for the next few months and brought my road bike with me. I had some questions and wanted to shoot you an email. Whats the best email address to get a hold of you?


    1. Hey Nick,

      Happy to help! My email is: duncangross att yahoo dot com.


    2. Hi Duncan, this is Oliver from Germany (again), now I found your email address, thanks!